This Is My Blog Launch… This Is My Blaunch

After many moons of oogling other people’s blogs, admiring my peers’ fashion sensibilities, decor savvy, photographing skills, musical tastes, travel diaries, adventures in housewivery, etc… I am officially throwing my hat in the blog ring. Into the Blring.
Although currently less focused than it should be, this blog will chronicle the life and times of me, my band, my housie happenings (decor, gardening, cooking, neighbor gossip, cat gossip, husband husbandry, etc…), the joys and sorrows of living in Santa Barbara, movies, music, fashion, poetry, literature, second-hand booty (as in treasure – as in thrift store finds), travel, and whatever else that may strike me as pertinent to myself, and you and the world at large.
I hope you likee. I hope you readee. And I hope you bear with me as I work out the kinks of this whole thing and refine / define this blog.

Currently listening to Lykke Li’s Wounded Rhymes

Current weather report:  sunny, beautiful, autumnally breezey, 65 degrees (at 10:15 am)

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