The Beef

I am part Argentine. Also I am quasi-vegetarian, or at least a fish or chicken preferer. (My ancestors curse my name.) So, needless to say I do not normally purchase red meat for co-consumtion in our household. BUT. I walked into the lions den that is Whole Foods and saw lovely slabs of red-meated dead quadrupeds and decided to bite the BULLet.  (Ha! Ha?)  According to supporting signage, the cattle are given constant access to outdoor areas and play things.  For mental stimulation.  I figure, “hey. they were interested. in things. let’s eat them.” I asked the butcher to slice a pound of prime beef loin (I think?) into the thinnest slices possible, and got out of there for under $9.
Amazing, I know.
Upon arriving home, I plucked parsley, basil, and garlicy-onion-chive from the apartment-complex-garden and mashed up a chimichurri-esque herb topping. (With gads of rosemary olive oil and garlic.) I let Bessie marinate for a couple hours in the fridge in olive oil and some of the aforementioned herb mash, meanwhile cutting up green apples, coating them in balsamic glaze, white wine, olive oil, and tossing them with feta, walnuts and baby lettuce.  YUM!

Once the table was set, the wine poured, and the husband properly washed, I grabbed my previously-unused-Williams-Sonoma-wedding-gift griddle, heated that mo’fo up to burning, and threw those lil’ cow slabs on there.  I let them cook for less then a minute on each on side, tossed them on the plates, added more herb mash, and served it up yummy.

APPARENTLY this is an old Argentine trick.  Slice your meat thin.  Cook it up quick.  Impress your guests.

It was a big hit with the old man.  And with myself.  We both suffered serious garlic breath, but at least we suffered together.

(Please pardon the picture.  I almost didn’t post this because it looks so un-appetizing and gray.  Blah!  I will be learning photoshop or aperture shortly and will make more delicious-looking photos.)

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