a good plan is one that works

Being a Sagittarius, I pride myself for my adventurous, loose-planny, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-firey-pants ways.  I love to travel without any agenda other than having an adventure.  Being that way was a great asset when I was single.  Now, I am happily not single.  What’s more, I am happily not singled to a Virgo (of ALL signs!).  This means that my maladjusted ne’er-do-care ways have slowly adapted to a more civilized and organized existence.  And I like it!  Planning has proven to be a very excellent skill, especially in the arrangement of our soon-coming honeymoon.  Because of my new found planfulness and researchfulness, I have been able to find the best credit card for overseas travel (Capitol One – zero foreign transaction fees), I have been able to locate fantastic little apartments to rent during our trip at fantastic little prices, I got us reservations at the Arab baths in Granada, I’ve made sure that we will have the priority pass for entrance into the hoity-toity travelers lounge at the 5 international airports from / to which we are traveling, I know to expect to get robbed by RyanAir for their checked-bag fees, and the list goes on.  I like being a planner!

For the most part.

Until I get my daily Remodelista.com blog email and see that a brand new fantastic adorable hotel has JUST opened in Madrid.  Just DAYS after I booked our Madrid hotel for a non-refundabe amount.  It’s called Hotel Praktik Metropol.  See below for fantastic adorableness:



What’s worse is that rooms start at €50.  And it’s on Gran Via in the middle of everything.  See?



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