Plum Good!

I seem to remember the number of local, one-of-a-kind, make-a-person’s-spending-will-power-melt-away type stores being super abundant in our little city of Santa Barbara.  Perhaps I remember incorrectly.  Or perhaps it only seemed flush with bountiful local art in comparison to the creatively dry desert village from whence I emerged which was almost completely devoid of and discouraging toward anything creative or beautiful or different.  (Does this bitterness make my butt look big?)  Whatever the case may be, I am newly enamored with such a store on State Street called Plum Goods.  Because it is!  (Plum good.)  Standing tall and proud next to monstrosities such as H&M, Forever 21, and Marshalls, the stout and courageous locally owned little-boutique-that-could will be celebrating its first birthday later on this month.  Among its many offerings, one can find tastefully curated locally made housewares (vases, crockery, plates, glasses), baby clothing, paper goods (notebooks, cards), furniture, jewelry, and other such covetable items.  And all of it is reasonably priced!  See photo below for address and website info:

I popped in there today for the first time while running an errand for work (… doing field research?) and picked up this darling driftwood vase for my dear friend Alexandra.  It was surprisingly difficult to photograph.  Likely because I am not a real photographer and only an iPhone photographer.  Also because I was in a hurry to get to Alexandra’s party.  But here it is nonetheless, on my patio floor, in Instagram glory.  $21!  Local!  Handmade!  Adorable!


If you can’t tell – this is two delicate glass globe vases affixed securely (but discreetly) to a piece of locally gathered driftwood.  They had other versions of this globe vase concept which employed smooth stones instead of driftwood.  If ONLY my guilty conscience hadn’t shooed me out of there, perhaps I would have gotten more pictures… or at least another shot of the vases to do them some justice.  I promise a better blog post on Plum Goods with better pictures of the things that they sell.  But for now, I hope that this tidbit will suffice to pique your curiosity if you happen to find yourself on State Street looking for something unique, sweet, edgy, or generally great.


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