I have never been particularly in charge of my hair.  It pretty much does what it wants and tells me to suck an egg, which I sadly have had to do UNTIL NOW.

Because of the wonder that is the boar’s bristle hair brush, my hair is now my bitch.

If you are a woman and you do not own a boar’s bristle hair brush, buy one this instant.  I paid $9 for mine.  They’re not so good for detangling (unless you buy the combo nylon / boar’s hair, which I have not tried), but they are killer for smoothing hair and de-frizzing hair during blow drying.  Apparently the boar’s hair bristle redistributes your hair’s natural oils in order to keep everything even and glossy.  Even if you are a naturally super dark brunette who has gone platinum (me), and thought there was no way your hair could ever look smooth, YES, even you can have glossy smooth hair.

In other hair news, I have been growing mine out.  Which means it has been quite the disaster (besides all the silky glossiness, of course) with split ends, no shape, and that weird can’t-do-nothing length.  But, in hopeful anticipation, I spent some of today browsing the interweb for inspiration for what to do with it when it is no longer weird.

See hair design culled from the pages of the Harper’s Bazaar website:

The ponytail you TOTALLY WANTED in second grade. Seen at Herve Leger.

Excellent use of hairpins at Phillip Lim.

Radical feather use at Jason Wu. (Wooo!)

The simple, classy, stylish loose ponytail tied with a ribbon.

Twisty spinny pinned up coolness. Seen on Giorgio Armani's models.

Order in chaos braid: Michael Kors.

...yeah not this one. I had to include this photo because this model has an eerie resemblance to my 6th grade gender-confused school teacher. (Her hair never looked this groomed.)

If you have any incredible and simple hair tips to share with the world, please leave a comment!

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5 thoughts on “HAIR!

  1. Jeannetteee says:

    I especially love the twisty spinny pinned up coolness. I am also growing my hair out but I am one that likes instant gratification so I went the hair extension route. Mind you, it is NOT fake hair! It is from an Indian. An Indian sacrificed beautiful locks for ME. 😀 There’s a huge and awesome hair shop in LA called… The Hair Shoppe (they kept it simple). I got the clip-in kind since I thought I would still want to do stuff with my short hair (so far, nope, i’ve been wearing the hair EVERY day). They are super easy to put in. They match your color and show you how to put them on. Here’s a link to the pieces I got:
    And thank you for the boar bristle brush suggestion, I will get one today.

  2. Holy wow, J! I never even considered extensions… but since you mention it, that could be the awesome way through this ickiness. I’ll check out the Hair Shoppe. (How much did it run you , if you don’t mind me asking?)
    Thanks for the comment, too!

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