Hipster Handbag DIY

You have probably noticed how hipsters can take old, uglyassshit and make it totally sexy.  Ref:  discarded huge reading glasses worn with confidence, howling wolf sweaters improved with strategic tailoring and the addition of fringe, florescent colors used sparsely paired with neutrals, et cetera.

And my old, uglyass handbag

Totally ugly, very practical, and generally excellent handbag of mine, I adore thee.  But damn.


What a difference a weird $1 Peruvian wool belt makes.

The Peruvian belt was a little smelly when I picked it up from the thrift store (even after washing), but dirty hipsters are the grandchildren of dirty hippies and intuitively understand that a little stench is healthy and can be lived with / febreezed.

To achieve this excellent wool belt strap badass move at home, remove the old strap of your ugliest handbag, add the new one, stick a long staple-gun-staple through the middle of the flat side of the strap and wrap the staple’s legs around and back and clamp tight with pliers.

And boom.  Uglyassshit is ugly no more.

If this were Portland, I’d put a bird on it.

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2 thoughts on “Hipster Handbag DIY

  1. Stylion says:

    Hehe, this was funny. Nice post!

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