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Yesterday was an exceptionally indulgent day.

It started off on an excellent note since both The Old Man and I had the day off from work and got to spend the morning playing music together, with our cat Nancy providing the cuddles.  Apparently, she enjoys the sound of the harmonium and front row seating.

After filling up on musical togetherness and kitty lovings, we decided to drive up to Santa Ynez to pick up The OM’s mom’s wine order… which – since she generously added us to her membership at Gainey Vineyard – had the added benefit of allowing us a free wine tasting.  Not a bad deal.

Not a bad deal at all.

After that, my delightful neighbor and artist-friend EmmieBean invited myself and our other two neighbor ladies to an event at a nearby salon celebrating the one year birthday of a local blog called LOVEmikana.  (I highly recommend visiting the LOVEmikana blog if you live in or plan on visiting Santa Barbara.  The ladies of LOVE can always be counted on for the best current tips on where to go and what to do around town.)  The salon that hosted the event is a gem of a place on upper State Street called Salon U wherein we were delighted to get to sample delicious eats, ogle gorgeous accessories from Stella and Dot, and best of all receive free hair and makeup demos.  See below for awesome braid event happening on my head.

The final indulgence of the day:  seeing The Hunger Games premiere at midnight.  SO GOOD!

So many indulgences!  On a weekday!  Such an unexpected delightful pearl of a day… thank you for allowing me the extra indulgence of getting to write about it.

If you’ve got an indulgence you are planning on treating yourself to, I would love to hear about it!  Please feel free to leave a comment decadent with details.  I’d love to know!

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I have never been particularly in charge of my hair.  It pretty much does what it wants and tells me to suck an egg, which I sadly have had to do UNTIL NOW.

Because of the wonder that is the boar’s bristle hair brush, my hair is now my bitch.

If you are a woman and you do not own a boar’s bristle hair brush, buy one this instant.  I paid $9 for mine.  They’re not so good for detangling (unless you buy the combo nylon / boar’s hair, which I have not tried), but they are killer for smoothing hair and de-frizzing hair during blow drying.  Apparently the boar’s hair bristle redistributes your hair’s natural oils in order to keep everything even and glossy.  Even if you are a naturally super dark brunette who has gone platinum (me), and thought there was no way your hair could ever look smooth, YES, even you can have glossy smooth hair.

In other hair news, I have been growing mine out.  Which means it has been quite the disaster (besides all the silky glossiness, of course) with split ends, no shape, and that weird can’t-do-nothing length.  But, in hopeful anticipation, I spent some of today browsing the interweb for inspiration for what to do with it when it is no longer weird.

See hair design culled from the pages of the Harper’s Bazaar website:

The ponytail you TOTALLY WANTED in second grade. Seen at Herve Leger.

Excellent use of hairpins at Phillip Lim.

Radical feather use at Jason Wu. (Wooo!)

The simple, classy, stylish loose ponytail tied with a ribbon.

Twisty spinny pinned up coolness. Seen on Giorgio Armani's models.

Order in chaos braid: Michael Kors.

...yeah not this one. I had to include this photo because this model has an eerie resemblance to my 6th grade gender-confused school teacher. (Her hair never looked this groomed.)

If you have any incredible and simple hair tips to share with the world, please leave a comment!

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